Quick and hassle-free WordPress thumbnail regeneration

Effortlessly regenerate, clean up, and add new thumbnails in WordPress.

$49 for 1 year of updates, new features, and excellent support

What are the benefits?

Learn why regenerating WordPress thumbnails is important.

Consistent design

If you change your theme or update the design of your website, the recommended image sizes may change. Regenerating thumbnails helps maintain a consistent design by ensuring that all images conform to the new specifications.

Reduced storage space

Over time, your WordPress site may accumulate unused and outdated image thumbnails, especially if you’ve changed themes or image dimensions. Regenerating thumbnails allows you to clean up unnecessary files and reduce storage space on your server.

Fixing display issues

Sometimes, thumbnails may not display correctly due to various reasons such as changes in theme requirements or image dimensions. Regenerating thumbnails can fix these issues and ensure that all images are displayed as intended.

Granular bulk regeneration

Easily bulk regenerate all thumbnails. Unlock a higher level of flexibility with the Pro version by selecting from a range of periods or even a custom date interval tailored specifically to meet your requirements.

Regenerate thumbnails in 3 simple steps

Step 1


Install our reGenerate Thumbnails Advanced plugin for WordPress.

step 2


Tweak the settings before getting started with the regeneration.

step 3


Once ready, start the regeneration process.

Your key to a clean website

While the core features are free, we also offer pro features tailored for advanced users.

Set image quality

Choose the desired quality level for the regenerated thumbnails.

Install & start

Get started fast with an easy installation process, requiring just a few clicks to regenerate the thumbs.

Clean UI

Navigate through a clean and simple user interface, making your experience hassle-free.

Add extra image sizes

Effortlessly add more image sizes to WordPress without the need for any coding.

Selective regeneration for featured images

Enjoy targeted control by regenerating the thumbnails exclusively for featured images.

Force regeneration

Regenerate all or specific thumbnails even if they already exist on the disk.

Resume function

Resume regeneration from where you left off in case of accidental tab closures.

Regeneration feedback

Stay informed by monitoring the number of successfully regenerated thumbnails.

Remove metadata

Remove metadata associated with images and thumbnails that no longer exist.

Remove non-existent images

Remove non-existing images and thumbnails from the media library if no longer on disk, along with associated metadata.

Remove unused thumbs

Keep the media library clutter-free by removing thumbnails that are no longer in use.

WP-CLI support

Unlock command-line control for regeneration processes with WP-CLI support. Especially useful for websites with a very large number of images, or when the wp-admin resources are limited.

Date interval selection

Tailor the regeneration period to your needs with a simple interval selection feature (past day/week/month/3 months/6 months/1 year).

Custom date interval

Customize your regeneration period by setting a specific date interval.

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$49 for 1 year of updates, new features, and excellent support