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Use SmartCompress

ShortPixel is the only image optimization plugin for WordPress that uses smart compression technology to reduce image file sizes without affecting the quality.

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Optimizing images results in quicker page loading times, enhancing the overall user experience and contributing to improved search rankings.

Improve website speed

Compressing images reduces the file size, decreases loading time, and relieves network resources, including data usage on mobile data plans.

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Boost the performance of your WordPress site by compressing and optimizing your images.

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Image optimization

Use advanced compression technology to optimize your image files.

Resize large images

Reduce the file size and save disk space by resizing large photos automatically.

Next-gen formats

Create and deliver WebP and AVIF images that are the same quality as their counterparts.

Install & forget

Install, optimize current images, and forget about the plugin. Takes a few clicks to get started.

Lightning fast CDN

Deliver optimized images processed on the fly and served from a global CDN.

Adaptive images

Display only appropriately sized images depending on the visitor’s viewport.

Customer centricity

Get stellar support 24/7 directly from developers and access to a detailed knowledge base.


Commitment to continued compatibility and partnership with various other plugins.

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